Now In Color

by Saw Mill

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Our first ever EP. Five new tracks for your listening pleasure. A big thanks goes out to A.J. Chiarella, who recorded us, mixed and mastered the music. You da man. Also, a big thanks to you, the listener, for checking us out and hopefully finding something you like!


released April 8, 2014

Music by Saw Mill
Artwork by Nick Rigas
Mixed and Mastered by A.J. Chiarella
Drums played by Nick Demarco (Rome, Blue Letter Day, Real Intelligent People) and A.J. Chiarella (Bleed Integrity, Paleto Bay)



all rights reserved


Saw Mill Yonkers, New York

Vocals- Nick Rigas
Guitar/Vocals- Phil Gigante
Bass/Vocals- James Macdonald
Drums- Dillon Incantalupo

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Track Name: Paleto Bay
You said you’d find a way
To confess to all of your mistakes
You said you’d never leave
But you wound up taking everything

And it’s a long way down
on the path to self destruction
Are you running scared,
a victim of your fear?
And it’s a long way away
on the side of most resistance
Count your blessings now,
before they disappear

On and off the telephone,
We ring around our lonely homes,
We’re chasing change with alcohol.
That spark the flames to set it all…
On fire-fights and movie screens
Instead we need reality
Cause nothing is quite what it seems
The surface seems so far

And it’s a long way down
on the path to self destruction
Are you running scared,
a victim of your fear?
And it’s a long way away
on the side of most resistance
Count your blessings now,
before they disappear
Track Name: Rome
Don’t wanna waste a weekend
I’m over living like this
Gotta find another way out
On a Monday

Don’t wanna wake up on the other side
Where no one knows you’re name, and everybody looks the same
I wanna come back from the afterlife
Cause I’m tired of this game, all the answers never change and

Don’t wanna wake up in the morning
Don’t wanna save another life

And everybody says to slow down, catch your breath,
But I’ll, find another way
And everybody says to hold on, get a grip,
Well I’ll, slip away

This is a second chance, to build it up again,
And walk along the streets, where I stand with steady feet.
And watch it all burn down, remember how it would?
And laugh along the wind, scatter ashes over it.


Another day wasted
Another life spent in doubt
It’s so complicated
And I wanna get it figured out

Another bloody Sunday morning, pull the sheets over your head,
Cause your eyes are filled with skeletons, screaming for the dead
Don’t shout it out, I’ll scream it out, If you let go, I’ll let you know
You’re still around, you can be found
Six feet underground…

Track Name: Real Intelligent People
It’s in the way you speak

Within society,
You’re reaching out in superficial pain,
and everybody sees,
That you won’t ever change.

This is not a cryptic poem
about hate and self destruction
Instead I chose to scream about
how you’re looking for attention
Nothing ever worked
and now you’re stuck inside you’re head
Looking for more shit to burn
I’ll see you when you’re dead

Can’t talk about it
When you’re on your own
Just think about it
Before you fucking choke
At the bottom
Now you’re all alone
Sitting in the back seat, everybody’s watching,
What’s the catch? Go.

I’ll see you on the other fucking side
Track Name: Blue Letter Day
It starts again, static bodies in-between,
distant cities on the ice, that fracture lines above the streets,
The light shines in, through the halls we wander through
On a road to self-destruction, that I’ve seen it all come to a
Stop, and wait, we’re the victims of this place,
Dress you’re smile for a moment, put a filter on your face,
Stay awake, another night caught in the seams,
close your eyes a weary shimmer, of the darkest faded dreams, just

Breath, put your body on display, don’t
Scream, or they’ll come steal you away, and
If you’re lost in the fate without my face, just
Breath, alone

It starts with a hit, then I skip town,
I change my mind, when you come around
I gave you innocence,
You showed me how to live like this.
In a better place, then I’ve ever been
In a hollow world, synced up with sin
Found the beauty that was lying there
Found melody I wanna hear


We’re all just lying there
Our insides spilling on the floor
In search of a warm embrace
That we’re all fighting for

Don’t want this, It’s over
Spent the last year barely sober
I stole this life for me
And now I’ll walk away…

Track Name: Bleed Integrity
I figured you out, I can’t shake the doubt
You formulate inside of your head
You’re insecure, Can’t take it no more
Clean up and change you’re mind instead
The way that you dress, the things you confess,
Stringing your words out, like all the rest
You pray to believe, in beauty then bleed
Screaming on your knees

Don’t forget to breath,
I’ve seen you at your worst
Hope you remember me,
Cause I’ll come back to make it hurt

Start up again, original sin,
crawl up my chest like an ocean of death
Admitted defeat, and recovery,
Won’t you open your eyes up and see
What you did to me, a fresh amputee
Hanging around like a head on a rope
The words that you spoke, a reason to choke
Screaming for answers


Just this once you wait and see
This is what you made of me
A broken bone paper maché
A body left here on display, Oh

And I cannot compare the way you left it,
To anything that’s scribbled on this scene.